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Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing boring games because you are bored

Anyone else do these redundant activities such as being so bored you simply find the most boring game ever and start playing it? It's like we dig a hole deeper when it comes to boredom even tough we can easily find something to do but we don't.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So today while using StumbleUpon I came across this website that was talking about mesothelioma. I never really knew what it was and always ignored it when I saw the commercials. I read about the mesothelioma treatments and what causes this and was surprised. Asbestos is actually really bad and is really really common in a lot of houses. My friends uncle is a personal injury lawyer based in Dallas and he actually deals with a lot of the cases of the cancer when businesses don't inspect their buildings. But it was really weird that I stumbled on to that page and payed attention to it opposed to the TV commercials.

Sciences fears talking monkeys

Just read this article about how current science has been worrying about testing on monkeys to the point of them being able to talk and essentially feel as if they were human. I don't know about those scientists but that would actually be a bad ass result. I think these scientists should follow through and hope for the monkeys to talk. We are animals just as much as a monkey and if we can alter their code to advance them then why not? Check out the article here:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let me inside your mind.

Imagine having the power to enter someones thoughts and essentially control their actions. You can literally change everything and have someone do your entire will, sort of like a complex video game. In religion demons and heavenly spirits have this power to take over your body and control you. Realistically this is being done by the authority figure in your life. Not so much a parent opposed to your government and law enforcement. You are being told what you can and can not do. They come up with what defines a crime and how to deal with the offender. In another way you are controlled is through labor. Massive companies employ many people and these companies also have their ways of influencing politicians to put you in a powerless position. You work to pay for bills and other expenses which all goes back into the wallets of the people paying you. It's a form of slavery that we can't avoid or change no matter what. It then is the responsibility of the person to take control of what is actually theirs and break to circle of being a wage slave. We need a revolution.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Waking up with a smile.

Ahh woke up and for no reason at all I have a smile on my face. I can either tell today is gonna be great or I have a problem with my facial muscles. So this is to the days when you don't want anything to go wrong, I love you. I kind of got writers block right now but hopefully this day brings along some creativity and will bring a follow up post that is enjoyable.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boredom enables the mind.

Have you ever noticed when your extremely bored your mind starts playing out these scenarios that you think you would enjoy? Then you come to the conclusion that you want to do this event somehow. You get the plan to do it and then you just back out of it and go back to the mental status where there is nothing at all to do. I dunno but when I get bored I come up with these really weird thoughts. Some are unexplainable and forgotten after awhile but they usually are pretty crazy and random.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

People are idiots

So with national tragedies happening in places of the world you can see how stupid people are. Over 80 people are killed in the attacks in Oslo, Norway, and a bullet train derails in China and kills over 30, and some people are sad that Amy Winehouse is dead. A well known drug abuser who released god awful music is mourned while foreign countries to the U.S. are in states of terror are ignored. Just because it's foreign to you doesn't mean it doesn't pertain to you. The lives of over 100 unknown victims is lost and one idiot of a celebrity dies and suddenly people are sad. Oslo's victims were majority teens that could have had productive great lives but are trumped by a famous crack head. It only tells me that people are idiots in grieving for stupid reasons.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a one-way road.

There is no point in living your one and only life trying to improve on the past. We are here at this moment to make a impact on the next generation. We make history literally every second and we can never change it so why do so much of us live with regret? Move on with your life and push forward, you will be forgotten by history if you don't change tomorrow. We all try to be outstanding but the truth is we all aren't outstanding. Once you come to accept this then you should see that you as a person could contribute to change and not be the catalyst directly. The fear of rejection and uselessness is all in a bad mind set and can easily change. Your motivation should be the future and what you can do to it whether or not it's positive or not. Just because you may fail doesn't mean everything around you has to also.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Metal Albums of 2011 so far

A few weeks ago death metal giants Origin released Entity. It kept to their original formula and keeps the energy going.
Born of Osiris' newest and in my opinion greatest release yet. It infuses their melodic/progressive deathcore elements with techno and ambience. It is not a typical deathcore album and is truly a masterpiece.
California deathcore band that is truly one of my favorites. They went with a more hardcore feel for this album and it proved to be great.
Amon Amarth has won the heart of many metalheads and this album only creates a long lasting relationship with their fans. This album along with Twilight of the Thundergod will be entertaining metalheads for years to come.

The Black Dahlia Murder did it again with this amazing album! They have made a impression in the metal scene that is swiftly solidifying their spot as one of the best bands in the genre.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mayhem Fest Review

This years mayhem fest had a decent amount of good bands the highlights being Godsmack, Megadeth, Machine Head, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, and In Flames. Overall it was a very enjoyable day but I enjoyed last years event better. This year the weather was much better and the sky was cloudy so it wasn't as hot as least year. The day started with a local band playing who was actually decent followed by Hemlock. Hemlock got the first few good pits going. The next few bands were bands that no one really wanted to be on Mayhem, those being Red Fang, Straight Line Stitch. In the time they were playing I had the time to go to the signing by Machine Head. They seemed like cool guys but I could really tell they didn't really care to be signing at the time. After that came All Shall Perish and they actually had a really good show followed by the not so spectacular Kingdom of Sorrow. It was then time for Suicide Silence who had in my opinion the 3rd best show of the night. They really got the crowd going and had a good relationship with the crowd. Unearth played after them but I skipped them because I don't really like them and I went to go to check out the merch tents. I got up close for In Flames because they are one of my favorite bands. They had the 2nd best show and their set consisted of a good mix of their old classics and their new songs. Trivium played next but I skipped them and went to go wait for Machine Head to open the main stage. I am a huge Machine Head fan and their set was good but the sound quality was terrible and I was left very disappointed. Megadeth is always great to see and they were really great. Godsmack came up next and stole the show with the best all-around presentation of the entire night. Disturbed was the closer and they were just god-awful, I left early due to them being just horrible. Overall this event would get a 8 out of 10, if there is a Mayhem fest stop near your town I would recommend going even if you don't like all the bands playing because the good bands ended up also having the best shows.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going to Mayhem fest today

Every time these metal festivals come up I get really excited. Even if I am not going to enjoy some bands it's still one of the funnest events of the year. I can't really think of anything to say now until after the event so I will post a review and a summary after the show.

Friday, July 15, 2011

About FPS Russia (a summary and review)

FPS Russia is a series of Youtube videos where a Russian named Dmitri shows off various guns and weapons. He adds his own comedic qualities with his Russian personality and the overall badassness of the guns he uses. In my opinion he is very worthy of his Youtube fame. He has close to a million subscribers and his videos are all entertaining (including his MW2 gameplays.) His comments during the videos are always hilarious and ends each video off with the classic Russian quote being "have nice day." Besides who can't like guns and explosions? It's just an awesome series check it out I posted his latest video under this post. Then go ahead and give your opinion about his videos.

FPS Russia is the greatest

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook isn't for therapy.

Anyone have that one friend on Facebook that never has anything good going on in their life? All of their statuses have someone responding the same way in a almost cookie cutter format. I understand that a lot of people post depresssing, repeating statuses normally to get attention. But why on a social networking site? It's like people begin to judge their friends on whoever cheers them up the most. Another thing i've never heard someone talk about their problems in the manner people do it on Facebook. They always play it out and dramatize it to make it look like their issues trump your own. Why do people turn to Facebook for therapy instead of maybe facing the issue and not hoping for it to just disappear.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social activity on Xbox Live

We all know it and participate in the social experience of Xbox Live. You and I have seen the extremes people go to, in order to win a trash talking conversation. It's quite sad how we let it happen also. These events only happen because people are protected by a TV and a internet connection. From these subhuman conversations we can see exactly why worldwide standards have lowered. Grown men harassing young kids, blatant racism for no reason, and the crudest language. Then there is the aspect when there is a female gamer. The words that are thrown their way would more thank likely get someone put into a hospital. The lack of respect over the internet shows a sad side of our culture where we praise the internet for everything it has done to advance us. But there is the rare friendly side, where you actually enjoy your experience with these strangers. I have made some good friends through Xbox and I know a lot of people who have made some also. It just astonishes me that I can actually pick through all the immature ignoramuses and find someone who is actually worthwhile to hang out with.

Need your opinion

Based on what I have read, black isn't too aesthetically pleasing. What in your opinion would make a blog more appealing to the eyes, I took a year of business graphics and have the basic foundation and plan to build on it but I need opinions from the audience who will be reading it. I plan to seriously commit a lot of time into this blog, I joined recently and have already found it to be quite fun to do as people are actually paying attention to what I am saying for once instead of ignoring me.It only gets more and more interesting as I go and I hope I can get a better view on what the audience wants. Comment with your opinions on visual look, blog suggestions, and what you would do to make you want to read my blog more. Thanks!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little part of me dies on the inside.

Losing faith in humanity, seems to happen more and more everyday. As more and more people begin to think school and education is stupid and a waste of time it's quite apparent we as a species are becoming stupider. Witnessing human stupidity is a everyday encounter with me and it isn't subsiding any time soon. Being an America is becoming an embarrassment to this point. We have a system where you can get away with murder if there is some pretty serious evidence but not enough of it. The system rewards stupidity in the fact that you can get paid to go to school, paid to be lazy and mooch off unemployment benefits, featured on television on absurd reality shows, and so on and so forth. Education keeps getting budget cuts (which should be the last thing to cut) and money is being poured into things most Americans don't even agree upon such as current marijuana laws, war on terror, patriot act stuff, public welfare. The nation is bleeding economically but Americans could give less of a damn, in times of catastrophe Americans always help out foreign nations but when it's on the homefront the only time wealth is shared is during a natural disaster. In witnessing these events take place everyday it's hard not to let a little part of me die on the inside.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pirating Music

Do you ever feel guilty when you pirate a bands music? Well I don't, if a band is truly out there to spread music and not sell out and make money why would they care if I listen to their music for free? Most bands claim that they do it for the fans but then backlash at people who steal their music. Isn't that a tad-bit hypocritic? A person who enjoys a bands music normally goes to see their shows and buy their merch to show support for that band. Sure buying their album is also support but there's plenty of people including me who don't have the financial means to buy your music along with all the other bands I listen to. They get fans by spreading their music not by selling their album. There's also the argument that if you don't buy it then they don't get any money, which is a lie. The record company loses the money. Every time a song gets played on any radio station that artists gets money for it. Every live show they have they get a huge part of the ticket fees. When they sell merch they get more money. Ever watch the show Cribs on MTV and just be astonished by some artists houses? Dosn't look like they are in a financial hole does it? Seems to me that it's just greed in the air and artists are trying to take advantage of the fans. But without fans your music is nothing.

Fighting amongst friends

Recently in the metal music scene there has been a very huge, redundant debate about sub genres. It's been a vocal battle about "true metal" and "false metal." As a fan of many bands that are criticized by these keyboard warriors i've grown very tired of it. The old-gen ridicules new-gen, death metal attacking deathcore, thrash attacking nu-metal and so on and so forth. These people are picking apart metal and categorizing genres to be shitty and gay. But all in all metal is metal and we already look bad with some of the publicity metal gets, these people arguing over their own genre being adapted and changed up are only defiling themselves. United we stand, divided we fall, true metalheads realize this and simply take the higher ground and stop complaining. If you don't like it, deal with it for every insult you have about a certain band someone else out there could say just as much for your favorite band.