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Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for some advice.

Last weekend I went to a house party, we were having a good time everyone was drinking and all of that including me. I brought all of my weed and I smoked out some of my friends and that was cool. I started talking to this guy I talk to quite a lot and I was just joking around saying that he never has weed and I always get him high without him giving back. So later that night I guess he wanted to fight me if I said it again, which I didn't so I blew it off. The guy I bought my weed from was present at the party and I guess he brought his supply which he keeps in a mason jar (at the time of the party I didn't know this). At about 4 A.M. I crashed out on my friends couch and woke up at about 10 A.M., the only guys that fell asleep in my friends living room were me, my brother, and some other guy I didn't know. I talked to my friends dad for about 5 minutes about the night and if I was waiting for a ride. I told him no and me and my brother started walking home, when we were down the street that guy I didn't know came out of the house and started following us, he lived on a street that I had to walk through so we all just walked together. He went home and then I got home and went back to sleep at my house at around 10:30. I woke up at 5 P.M. and I had a message from my friend asking me if I saw the dealers jar around that morning, I didn't reply to the message because it was like 4 hours old and I figured that they might have found it. The weekend blew past and then on monday I was talking to my friend (the guy who messaged me, and hosted). I asked him if the guy found his jar. He then starts to get mad and tells me that me and my brother were the only ones in that room where it was and that whoever took it would see hell and that he hates thieves. I got kind of nervous and scared when he said this so I told him that I hate thieves and I would never steal s*** and that he could trust me. Throughout the week though we talked and what not like we normally do but he has been acting like a dick and I asked him about the party this weekend for my friends birthday that I know is going to happen because he has been talking about it all week, he said they aren't doing anything. Im fine with not being invited to his parties if he dosn't trust me and all of that but now I don't know what I should do. I need some advice on what step I take now to stop people from thinking that I am an untrustable person or a thief, or to avoid me getting my ass kicked over something I didn't do.

tl;dr Im getting blamed for stealing weed at a party and I didn't do it, and now im in a bad situation.

Looking forward to your guys advice.


  1. well, i don't think there's much you can do, aside from insisting that you didn't do it :/

  2. You should go and actually steal some weed. That will teach em a good lesson you know...
    Perhaps you could tape yourself while after smoking and send em a funny video, you could sing frank sinatra songs dressed as a ghostbuster. That will surely teach em

  3. Kill them with a flamethrower.

  4. Well the only way this is actually going to get cleared up is if the weed turns up, well away from you.

  5. You should talk to the guy, find the other guy you didn't know and solve the issue.