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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My last post has been resolved

Well in response to my last post I am now in the clear. I didn't have to do anything and it turned itself over although not in the best way possible. The host (my friend) threw another party that I didn't go to because there was obviously some trust issues. Today I talked to him and he said his iPod got stolen this weekend and that there's a thief that's going to get whats coming to them. Huge weight lifted off of my shoulders but not for him, now I should help him find this thief. By the way, thanks for the serious advice you guys gave me on my last post.


  1. Glad it did kinda resolve itself in the end there. But yeah there's still the problem of there is someone stealing shit.

  2. Oh well, that is a bittersweet outcome. It sucks for your friend but you are off the hook.

  3. And everything went better than expected :)

  4. hey, i just add you but im glad your problems are solved :)